How to apply for a job and almost get it…

As some of you might know by now from previous posts, I am currently finishing my PhD and am ready for the next challenge. Since the money is running out in my current lab, I have to look elsewhere.

Past september, I applied for a job that would be a combination of teaching and applied science. Their idea was to take biomarkers and develop them into clinically applicable assays, to be able to help real patients with basic scientific findings. Sounds not too bad, huh?

So based on my CV, I got selected for two one-hour interviews. I wasn’t too well prepared, because the interviews were the morning after a two-week holiday and it wasn’t my dream job anyway but okay-ish… During the first interview I talked to the team-leader and a lecturer, but I can hardly recall what we talked about. During the second, I talked to a technician and a scientist. It became clear to me, that they thought that the students are mostly an uninterested bunch and that I wasn’t supposed to be doing any science myself at all, but merely supervising students doing experiments. Moreover, they all had been doing this for at least 15 or even 25 years. Yikes!

But, they were very positive and invited me for the final interviews with the senior lecturer. Again one hour. At this point, I could hardly focus on preparing for the next interview because all I could think was “oh, I hope they aren’t gonna take me, I don’t want this job!”. But hey, it’s crisis and I’ve got to make a living, so yeah, no reason to be so picky.

This third interview was actually very nice and gave me more the feeling to be talking to my neighbor over a beer than having a serious application. However, this lecturer seemed to pick up my mood and told me that from my CV, he thought I was very well organized, know what I want, seem ambitious. And now he wanted to know why I was applying here…

I couldn’t do it. I just could not say that this is my dream job and that I couldn’t think of anything else. I told him honestly that I saw this as a temporary solution and that not only they, but I too would have to evaluate in a year or so how it’s going and whether it’s time for a new challenge… A day later they thanked me for my openness and told me that they did not doubt my capacities but that they were looking for someone with other ambitions.

So I managed to get rejected for a reasonable job and be happy about it. Now I can focus on finding a nice post-doc position, get paid less and work more. Probably have to move away from my family and friends. And be happy about it. I just can’t imagine leaving the lab and science behind me. No way. Crazy, I know…



  1. Job hunting is also very much a process of elimination. Besides, it is better to be rejected by the foolish than by the wise.

    In any case, those interviews also netted you extra contacts regardless of whether you were hired or not.

    All the best to your finding a satisfactory career in research (and development)!

  2. Your story reminds me of the first job interview I had just after college. I’d studied physics and astronomy at the university. It was for a computer programming job.

    Its fuzzy now but I don’t think I told them it wasn’t my dream job. As a result, I was offered the position. I thought, “Heck, getting a job is easy”. I turned it down.

    It took 6 or 7 months of hard core job hunting before I was offered another position!

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