Luxury problem eliminated!

I am delighted. I just discovered a brilliant solution for one of the stupidest of luxury problems. My PhD defense is upcoming. I am busy preparing my presentation, getting my manuscripts published before, getting a new job, everything progressing slowly but steadily.

There is only one “problem” that has been bugging me ever since announcing to the world that I will become Dr. soon. People asking me what presents I would like to receive. Ehm. My title? No no, some present. Something big, because this occasion is special. Ehm. I am happy with my life the way it is, so yeah, nothing?

So I started considering asking an iPad. You know, such an incredibly expensive thing that no one really needs. Asked myself whether I really need one, of course not! But yeah, would be the easiest solution. But which, IMO, would be a total waste of money. So again, I tried to convince people that I don’t need anything. Which they won’t accept.

And then, a moment of pure genius, I remembered some campaign from Oxfam last year.. In which one could give away goats and stuff. Which, luckily, is still running! Here it is, Oxfam unwrapped. In Oxfam’s online shop, you can “buy” a goat, or chicken, school books, etc. You “only” receive some gift card, but on the other side of the world, you are really giving someone essential support.

So yeah, problem solved. Not to worry about being bitchy to people while telling for the 100th time that I don’t need anything. And actually do something good for the world. I am telling everyone who calls that I would be happy to give away some education through this program.

Let’s see how many school books and goats my PhD title is worth 🙂



  1. Excellent! We decided to give these as Christmas presents last year (and asked for nothing or something similar in return). Our nieces were apparently very pleased and bragged to their friends about the education project present helped to support! Be prepared though, we still got loads of gifts we didn’t need despite our requests. Another option if you feel like mixing it up is and their ‘practical presents’.

    1. I also got quite some positive reactions, mostly from people who didn’t know about this kind of program but who have now decided to ask a goat for Christmas. It’s great!

      On the other hand, I guess this is indicative of a huge problem… We have everything we could possibly need, and still, there are so many unhappy people around?! Looks like money really isn’t the key to happiness. For those who have it…..

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