Suffering blog…

I’ve been posting really little lately. Thought life would become liveable again after the PhD defense, but that seems not quite true.

There’s a review I’m writing. For a major scientific journal, so that’s great. But needs to be done within 2 weeks. Then I’m applying for some internal funding, deadline within one week. And since I would like to go abroad some time soon, I’m writing some stuff to apply for a 2-year fellowship with 2 different agencies. When that’s done, there’s a second review that’s been requested by a journal. All great, but I would like to get back to the lab 😦 Now! All that reading & writing has left me so many ideas that I want to try… It’s gonna be fun!

So yeah, obviously there’s less time for a blog when occupied with writing all day already =/ Hope that’ll get better soon! Not promising anything though 😉



  1. you know today i was just wondering, she got her phd and then forgot about us 😛
    good luck with your plans, work, and dreams 😉

    1. Hihi, no I haven’t forgotten about you at all. It’s just so extremely busy =/ I will get back more frequently once I’m done writing!

      Thanks for the good wishes 🙂

  2. I don’t think like ever gets calmer unless you make time…I booked 4 days holiday after the (hopeful) submission date of my PhD to force me to take some down time! Congrats on progress so far though!

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