The lab dress code

I went shopping today. That was looooooong due. Think I didn’t buy anything since last summer…

But then I always have this internal struggle. In the lab, I work with quite a bit of dangerous goodies. Acids & bases, bacteria, radioactive material. You can image I don’t want to wear anything but stout jeans and closed shoes. And then I go shopping and see all these nice flowery dresses and peeptoes :(:(:(

What should people in the lab wear? Since my promotion and the official “postdoc”-status coming with it, I have been invited to more meetings than ever before. So yes, I would like to *dress to impress* for those. And I do like dressing up. But not at the cost of coming across like some brainless fashion girlie that goes to work way overdressed. Or at the risk of splattering the burning stuff directly onto the part of my legs that wasn’t covered by that nice flowery dress and lab coat… But I also don’t want to keep wearing old jeans with Disney T-Shirts forever, at some point I would like to be taken at least a little bit serious….

For now, the intermediate solution is wearing nice skinny jeans not with Disney Shirts, but nice blouses… And not with ballerina’s or peeptoes but halfway dressy sneakers. I think that this is one of those issues in life that really is easier for men. Think it is not so difficult for them to wear something casual but not over- or underdressed…

Which means that I have another good reason to become Prof. Trockeneisbombe as soon as possible! No worries about dresses when sitting at my desk writing proposals 😉


One comment

  1. It’s so hard to wear pretty things with all the dyes and corrosive liquids in a lab 😦 Even in school when I had lab classes in spring and summer, I would always get jealous of other students who got to flaunt their shorts, flip flops, and skirts while I got over heated in jeans and closed toe shoes haha. Curse PPE some days!

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