Avoiding conflicts between the new and the old bosses?!

The PhD Defense I wrote about towards the end of last year seems light years ago. The manuscripts have all turned into publications. My fellowship applications are under revision. In short: nothing to worry about.

But of course I found something to think about 🙂 Say, I get a fellowship. This would mean that I’ll start in another lab this Autumn. Which I would really really really like and am really hoping that it’ll come to happen. The topic has only a marginal overlap with my current work. But yeah, marginal or not, overlap.

Should I try to limit my current experiments to those that would fit to my current lab and wait with the ones that would fit best to the new lab? But then I would have to hope that someone new will come to carry on these projects in the current lab whenever I have left. Otherwise I’ll be doing work that’ll end up in the garbage or simply will be forgotten. It’s unrealistic to think I can get another publication together in these few months.

Since the topic of the new project is very interesting, I’d love to invest more in that already. But I’m afraid my current boss may become too interested in the topic too if I produce some interesting data right now. And I should find out how he feels about materials I am generating – expression plasmids, cells with stable constructs – can I take those with me when I leave?

I’ve requested both my current and potential new boss to pick up the phone and talk about it. How they think they could possibly work together on some project, so that I can do the experiments I’d like to do already without having to worry about leaving things behind or about potential conflicts between the two bosses. Hope they will do this sooner rather than later, as I think this may be a good way to prevent difficulties.

I guess that’s one of the good things about completely switching topics when starting a first postdoc project, you won’t have to worry about this. And I really considered doing a postdoc on a completely different theme. But I think I’ve fallen in love too much with my current research field to simply walk away from it… There are so many open questions still and I’m sure someone will work on them eventually, but I would like that someone to be me 😉


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