I am Katniss Everdeen!

Warning: this post is not about science but about me, for those of you who are curious what I’m up to during these periods of silence on the blog…

Tonight is the first night since feels like forever where I’m just chilling on my sofa. I’ve been busy because my partner visited, having beers with colleagues or just being in the lab pretty long. So today I actually used the free time for something I haven’t done since high school probably: taking an online quiz to find out which female character you are. And I am Katniss Everdeen. I like that. I like to believe I am strong.

I think the storm is actually finally settling down. My partner and I are quite satisfied with the balance we are slowly finding. We are seeing each other once a month and that seems to be sufficient for the time being. We can do this.

Remember the post about self-promotion, in which I described how I highjacked a conversation with a guest at the institute? For the next guest, my boss came to ask me if it would be okay if he’d schedule half an hour for me with him… AND invited me for the dinner afterwards. So that seems to be going in the right direction as well!

Also, remember the unfortunate self-funded PhD student I talked about earlier? Today she said that before she felt like she was coming to the lab to do nothing, and now she feels like she doesn’t have enough time to do all the things we have planned. She seemed pretty happy about that and so am I. I really hope for her that at least some of the approaches we choose to address her research questions will give interesting results!

Finally, I described how introvert our lab is before… Which we still are unfortunately. But I have decided to regard it as a good learning opportunity in many ways. How to do this small talk thing. But also reaching out to other research groups, because I think it is important to have some communication going between the labs. And if the others aren’t going to do it, then it’ll have to be me. I managed to get on speaking terms with all the people on our floor, my next aim is some of the floors above 🙂 Additionally, it is good for me to observe the situation and learn from it. Learn how I should or more likely should not do things, should I ever get my own lab.

Not all is sunshine though; my partner’s grandfather was diagnosed with metastasised lung cancer today. He called me and it was pretty clear he’s very upset. I haven’t spoken with his mother yet, but I can imagine how upset she is as well. Wish I could be there to support them 😦 But that’s life I guess, getting through the lows as well as enjoying the highs…


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