Reminder to my future self

Do NOT wait until the very last moment with submitting recommendations you promised to write. Just DON’T.

I have submitted an application, where the deadline is tomorrow. And I asked my previous and current supervisors to write a recommendation for me. Asked them 3 weeks ago. They both agreed. Sent them the link where to submit 10 days ago.

Keep refreshing the page to see they STILL haven’t submitted it. Which they’ll probably do tomorrow at 11.57pm… Leaving me to wonder whether I should remind them again or not and be nervous and sweating until then =/

Please, my future minions, please kick me if I start to behave like that.

[EDIT] 8 hours before the deadline, my supervisor came into the lab to ask me what I had actually written about so that he could tailor his recommendation to suit my needs. And he submitted some 3 hours before the final deadline! My ex-supervisor did slightly worse, around 2 hours before the deadline. But yeah, we made it 😀


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