Why Dr.K. is super excited at the moment

1. I am going to New York tomorrow. The first time I’ll visit the States. Ever. And I’ll have to travel there alone, although I will meet some friends there later on. Being born in a small city, having lived mostly in places without any metro at all where you could walk from one side of town to the other in half a day, I am both very excited and a little nervous. Since I won’t be giving a talk at the conference I am going to, I decided I’ll leave my laptop at home and keep answering mails to the basics on my phone and really focus on the couple of days off and then on the meeting itself. That means I won’t be posting anything on here for a while I think!

2. I managed to catch our lab manager completely off-guard this morning – in a good way. Today was his birthday and he didn’t really mention it. He has told me however how crappy his previous two postdoc labs were and I could imagine how crappy his birthdays have been there. Luckily, I learned that it is tradition here not to bring cake for your birthday, but to get some from your colleagues.. So I forced my colleagues to contribute towards a present, made an apple pie and smuggled in some ice cream. Set it all up in the common room and herded my colleagues (and boss!) all there and asked one of them to go get him without revealing the surprise – instead he told him to drop everything because the boss needed him really urgently… We lit the candles on the cake in meantime. You should have seen the surprise. This is the closest I’ve seen any of the British in our lab to actually showing emotion. I am still enjoying it, half a day later. These are exactly the small things that make life so much more pleasurable 🙂

3. My body decided to have the monthlies a couple of days early – which means I won’t have the hassle on the 8 hour flight as I thought I would. Some times, you just have to get lucky I guess!

So yeah, I am happy and ready for action. Off to pack my bags now – let’s see how many pairs of shoes I can stuff in there 😉


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