Pseudonymous Dr.K.

Dr.K. doesn’t like to be known. Why, you may ask? She thinks that at least some of the people who may be on future committees judging her applications may not understand. Or that her supervisor sees this as a waste of time. She’d rather not have this blog as the first thing that comes up when Googling her name. Currently, her Google Scholar profile is the first hit and that should stay this way for now.

This should not have any influence on any writings appearing here. Being pseudonymous does not equal being rude. If anything, it allows more openness because the fear of negative consequences is less.

Dr.K. is pseudonymous. Readers who carefully read through may be able to identify the responsible scientist. The information provided on here is enough to track her if you wish, although Google won’t. She thinks blogging is a good way to hone her writing skills, to help out people with informative posts about academia as well as give outreach a try. Every now and then, a post appears that may be less useful but which serves to keep frequent readers updated about her life as an academic and associated struggles. Stay tuned for more.


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