Surviving life in academia

I’ve been writing about different topics on life in academia the way I see it and have sorted them below, to enable easy navigation through this blog!

As undergrad
Some reasons why you should do a PhD project
Do you know how to choose the best lab for your PhD?
How to apply as PhD student
Learn that science is not about science only!

As PhD-student
Learn to say no
Why a journal club is a good thing
Enhance your chances with side projects
Why we don’t publish open access only

In between PhD-student & postdoc
Managing thesis preparation, paper writing and job applications
Make a smooth exit
Multiple funding possibilities

As postdoc
About the supervision of students
Which skills are necessary to play the academic games?
Make your lectures interesting
How can early career scientists be judged, if not by impact factor?
Think ahead

Work-life balance issues
Want to work on a holiday or feeling guilty about having holidays?
When to have kids?
Is a work-life balance important at all?

Useful skills for everyone
How to give the perfect presentation
Dealing with reviewer comments on literature reviews
Making the best of a conference
Learn to manage people

Concerning social media
How to use Twitter
Time management for social media addicts

Some emotional stuff
Having friends while being a mobile scientist
The impact of mobility



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